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· 4 min read
Stephane Boghossian


We hear a lot about DevOps and fancier words we all use to describe the right combination of software development and IT operations. Indeed, DevOps brings the right balance between the cloud team and the downsides to managing complex forms alone.

Here are some of:

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Stephane Boghossian


Trends keep moving around scope of interests but which to follow and which not is the real question. In this article, I am going to elaborate every cloud computing trend for the next year or so with clear benefits. Discover the best Cloud Computing trends for the next months and year to come.

· 9 min read
Stephane Boghossian


Cloud is now the primary choice for organizations that deliver new value to their customers. Successful enterprises use the cloud operating model, a framework for adopting cloud services, to maximize agility, reliability, and security and deliver superior business results.

However, this is only the first step. The most mature organizations are creating a group of centralized platforms that further align people, processes and tools to help scale cloud adoption across the enterprise.

The platform team plays an important role in achieving the maximum benefits of the cloud model. An effective platform team includes a cloud operating system that provides standardized workflows, a consistent golden image, and a cloud adoption registry.

· 6 min read
Stephane Boghossian

Security as code.png

Security as code is the driving force behind future application security. According to O'Reilly, security as code is a way to build security by mapping how code and infrastructure change to DevOps tools and workflows and finding places to add security controls, tests and ports without cost or delay useless*. Developers can define the infrastructure using a programming language with IaC. To bring security up to DevOps speed, you need to do the same.

Here’s how implementing security as code is important for DevSecOps:

· 4 min read
Tarak Bachhamba


Even though IaC has many advantages, adopting it can be a significant investment. It’s not something that will happen overnight. If the team is used to managing all of their infrastructures by hand, switching to infrastructure as code requires more than just introducing a new tool or technology.