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Stephane Boghossian

Tarak have been nurturing the cloud community with valuable Terraform best practices. Learn Terraform from the best:

  1. Apply Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) principles for your cloud infrastructure projects
  2. Learn Infrastructure-as-code and Terraform in a quick and easy way to build and run scalable infrastructures
  3. Use IaC and Terraform to structure & test your Terraform code
  4. Create Reusable Infrastructure with Terraform Modules
  5. Isolate Terraform state files and mitigate impact between environments
  6. 3 mechanisms to keep your code consistent across multiple environments
  7. IaC to manage our code in a version control system
  8. Use Infrastructure as Code & and Terraform principles to split your Terraform code into multiple files
  9. Apply the Infrastructure-as-Code and Terraform principles to manage cloud infrastructures in a repeatable way

All videos are available in our Youtube Channel

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Stephane Boghossian

visualize terraform

This blog post will show you all the tools that might simplify the Terraform resources and data source visualization. 

For beginners, Terraform is open-source software developed by HashiCorp, that enables predictable and consistent provisioning of Cloud platform, classic infrastructure, and VPC infrastructure resources by using a high-level scripting language. You can use Hashicorp Terraform to automate your Cloud resources provisioning, rapidly build complex, multi-tier cloud environments, and enable Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC).

Think of a scenario in which you are reviewing your own Terraform code (.tf state file) and trying to understand what resources it currently provisions.

To simplify this discovery, there are several tools you can use and test:

· 6 min read
Stephane Boghossian


Let's talk about how you can use governance to manage cloud resources and properly size your environment with automation. Cloud governance is a set of practices that help users work in the cloud the way they want, that operations are efficient, and that the user can monitor and correct operations as needed. Simply put, cloud governance is a carefully crafted set of rules and protocols applied by companies operating in the cloud to enhance data security, manage risk, and ensure business continuity. Cloud governance, or a set of rules for cloud operations, is a must for companies to improve security and compliance, manage risk, and optimize resources and skills.

· 6 min read
Stephane Boghossian


The world moves fast and we have to keep up.

It is important to remember that cloud computing is an ever-changing industry and there will be consistent new developments.

This is a glimpse of what looks like Cloud Computing as a Macro trend.

🔍 Problem:#

Data need to be kept on-site in order for it to be stored and accessed.

💡 Solution:#

Cloud computing enables us to store, manage, and process critical information and data to be accessed from any location by using just an internet connection. This allow to gain exposure to cloud computing equipment and study the effects of location on server latencies.

· 4 min read
Stephane Boghossian


Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) is revolutionizing the face of modern IT infrastructure, making it more secure, cost-effective and performance efficient.

As a result, the adoption of IaC technology is rapidly increasing in the cloud space. Organizations have begun expanding their capability of versioning, provisioning and deploying cloud environments. It has berthed technologies like Terraform, Azure Resource Manager templates, AWS Cloud Formation templates, OpenFaaS YML, and more.

Previously, setting up an infrastructure required stacking tangible servers, data center to house hardware, configuring network connection, and whatnot. But now, all these are possible with trends such as cloud computing, where the processes take fewer times.

IaC is one of the key components of this growing trend, and let’s understand a bit what it is really all about.

Let's deep dive on the best tools to scan Infrastructure-as-code for vulnerabilities:

· 4 min read
Stephane Boghossian

Master Terraform with Brainboard

Delivering a cloud infrastructure shouldn’t take months but hours. In this article, I will share our step-by-step process on how you can optimize your process for creating your cloud infrastructure.

Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) enables managing and provisioning infrastructure through code instead of manual processes. IaC is crucial for both Cloud Architects and DevOps teams. It gives them the possibility to manage infrastructure components, such as networks and load balancers and enables test applications in production-like environments early in the development cycle. Terraform is the most used open-source platform to do so.

Let’s deep dive into whom should use Terraform and why Brainboard boosts your Terraform knowledge to the next level.

· 5 min read
Stephane Boghossian


When it comes to optimizing cloud FinOps, costs and needs are directly proportional to each other; the higher the cloud costs, the greater the need for FinOps in the organization. FinOps is essentially a cultural practice followed by an organization that allows them to manage cloud costs using ownership, accountability, and a collaborative model. FinOps enables all operations teams to access the real-time data they need to influence their prices and make intelligent choices that ultimately drive successful cloud cost optimization without impacting the end product's performance, speed, or quality.